18 credit hours is too much!

This being my third semester in junior college, I figured I could handle a full time 18 hours/6 classes. It is such an overload, with work being on my schedule also. 3 more months to go! then it’s summer break! 

Classes for this spring:

Eng Comp II (third least favorite)
History I (second least favorite)
GOV II (Favorite class of all 6)
Psychology (currently my least favorite) 
Music Appreciation

The last two semester, I was commuting between different campuses. I grew tired of that shortly. Being that one campus I attended was located in downtown, which traffic was horrible due to mass construction in that area. That campus is currently the newest location of all 6 campuses. Downtown meant parking garages, parking garages meant annoyance. Space runs out by 9am, so for those of us that had class that start at 10, we had to park in overflow; which was over a mile over hills to the building, not to mention all the stairs to climb due to elevators being crowded also. The positive side of going to class in this location? Everything is new and it makes a small 2 year college looks like a huge university. And…the buildings are all connected! So we won’t have to step outside in the summer heat or winter cold to get to other classes. 

School, work, school work, barely time for my to run and train for my half marathon coming up in…20 days!

This will be my second year running this race. 3 more years, and when I combine all 5 medals, they will form a star. How cool is that?! 😀


Best of luck to those that feel my stress of 12+ hours. ❤ 


IOS7 Update..

I terribly regret doing the update, and hate every bit of it. I’ve disliked all the IOS updates that’s been done, and it was my mistake to push the update button on my phone. 

What I don’t like about the change? 

Maybe it’s a personal preference, but I despite changes. I enjoy things the way they are, and changes frustrates me. The functions on my applications seems more complicated to utilize. Ex: calender, weather, message..etc 

Daily Prompt- Practice makes Perfect huh?

Being a lazy, good at nothing gal that I am, there’s certainly lots of talents that I would love to someday master. My list can go on forever!…and ever!

Golf: a pretty recent interest I’ve developed. Honest truth, I suck at it, terribly. I’m currently enrolled in a golf class at my college and it helps a lot. I can at least manage to hit a ball from time to time now. It’s definitely difficult..but so much fun! and I enjoy it a lot, despite being absolutely terrible at it.

Tennis- I play every now and then; with a friend/family member, or just the tennis ball machine. That’s in my list of classes to take next semester. It is the expanded version of ping-pong! 

Dance/Sing-I’ve got the two left feet, and the tone-deaf voice. Perhaps taking a dance class in the future? and pick up vocal lessons again? 

Math-1+1=2? easy enough. So long as numbers remain the only factors in math, I can understand, but what happens when the alphabetical starts collaborating with the 1’s and 2’s and 10’s? I don’t want to find x, x is sitting right there in front of the question! f+g= what?
I’m not the best mathematician in the world, or a math person at all…
but it’s definitely a skill that has its advantages. I’m been going to the tutoring lab every week and getting help so hopefully my math skills will improve..


Daily Prompt- Green Eyed Monster

Dear Musicians of any type,

I’d like all of you to know how fortunate you are to be gifted with the talent of voice. You can make music without an instrument. Most affordable method of getting into the music industry!
I am jealous of all of those that can hum, or sing a tune and that won’t make your pets want to cry and cover their ears.
Be grateful of your ability to sing, and make the best of it!

A jealously tone-deaf girl..

The good times of my gaming days..



The good old gaming days of my time at Mabi seems forever long ago. I remember coming home from school, and the first thing I’d do is get on my computer and log in mabi, Mabinogi was my life then; not just the game itself, but the players I came across to as well. I made good friends through that game, and I wish there could be a reunion of old players that use to play as well. 😦 

Most of all I miss my guildies… 
I was in the most amazing guild in the game… OHSOF. Jaq was a great leader, and Kyrie was an awesome second in command. But now Jaq and Kryie are long gone. Kyrie disappeared and is no where to be found. Jaq, we at least still have contact with in skype. I miss the times of running shadow missions, and dungeons; where I was constantly beaten by monsters and have to be revived by my guildies and party mates. Those were definitely the good days. 
The picture above demonstrates a common glitched we magic users often experience when we use the firebolt skill with a specially trained wand. Kirarin was one of my best friends on the game; and is long gone from the game as well. Kira occasionally pops online from skype and have little conversations to remember our days on the game. 



Another screenshot of a glitch that I’ve captured. Kira(the witch in the white & blue robe) has a leftover pose from her dark knight transformation. Yeah! thats what you get for going to the dark side, kira!. 
As for me, I would be the witch in the green witch robe. 
Then we have Lotus, Krotto, and Kyrie! We just finished a shadow mission that just about wore us out. 

Daily Prompt- The zone?

I get lost in my own world when on a simple jog, run or walk; practically anything that involves outdoors and interacting with nature itself. I love the feeling of the wind brushing against my cheeks and its presence that cools down my beads of perspiration. That feeling is amazing and satisfying. 🙂


Next jog will be in… 4 and a half hours!


Happy Running. 😀